Turbos, Nitrous, Superchargers

You may have heard of turbochargers or superchargers but not been quite sure what they are. Turbos or Superchargers are used for forced induction to your car’s engine. They increase the density of the air making a richer mixture to give your car more power. Turbo’s use the engines own exhaust gases to power a turbine for the additional power. Superchargers are crankshaft driven and there are some turbo superchargers’, which use a crank-shaft driven supercharger and an exhaust driven turbocharger.

They boost the pressure in the intake manifold on your engine above the normal atmospheric pressure. Anything above the normal atmospheric pressure is considered an additional boost, which is what gives the engine more power. Certain fuels give a higher boost than gasoline, such as ethanol, methanol, liquid petroleum or diesel.

Nitrous is a different kind of fuel, typically used in dragsters, which has a rich, powerful mixture that makes you go faster. Nitrous Oxide systems effectively harness power and that is why the systems are seen on race cars. Now, it is not unusual to find Turbo and Supercharger Nitrous system for on street dragsters. You can buy conversion kits for 4, 6 and 8 cylinder engines, which make them popular with those that have the need for speed’.

Superchargers can be bulky and turbochargers can shorten your engines life. Many are considering nitrous oxide for high performance. Nitrous systems are simple enough that many inexperienced car mechanics are able to fit the conversion kits by themselves. Superchargers and turbos can take power from the engine in the effort to generate more power, while a nitrous system doesn’t, so the extra power can be used to propel the car and it makes for better fuel efficiency.