Parts for the Audi A6

When it comes to high performance enhancements on your car, you can find Turbos, Nitrous and Superchargers on the Internet auction websites, and there are many websites that sell one or the other. Depending on your automotive mechanic expertise, you may opt for one over the other, so it is good to research all you can about the differences in each of the options.



Because there are drawbacks to the engine’s life with each, it is important to be aware of the consequences. For example, if you have too much turbo boost, you can damage a piston. Some engines may have inherent weaknesses or other design faults that may need to be addressed before making a decision on which power booster method you choose.

It is not unusual to have a turbocharger installation with a nitrous cylinder insert, although it is important to understand how nitrous oxide can override a turbocharger’s flaws. On the other hand a turbocharger can override flaws with a nitrous system, as well.

Both systems generate extra power and provide extra oxygen and fuel to the engine, but it is the way they do it that differs. A nitrous system delivers oxygen and fuel to the engine as soon as it is activated and a turbocharger has to wait until there is enough exhaust oxide to power the turbine.