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The exhaust system of the car is responsible for the evacuation of the gases from the combustion to the atmosphere. Continue reading more about Ferrari 488 Exhaust System. From the practical point of view, it seems a very simple system: a tube by which gases are discarded into the environment. However, it is a more complex system than we think. It fulfills different functions, in fact, this system is very important and has its peculiarities that we will see next.

Ferrari 488 Exhaust System Function

The exhaust system is responsible for evacuating the gases that occur in the combustion of the engine taking into account that both noise and gases harmful to health must be mitigated. There is a regulation that requires reducing the noise and the emission of noxious gases. Read this article for 2014 Audi R8 V10 Exhaust System specifications
Evacuating combustion gases: The exhaust system through the manifold of the exhaust manifold and the pipelines is responsible for dynamically removing the gases produced by the combustion of the combustible air mixture.Reduce the noise they generate: Excessive noise from the engines also needs to be mitigated. Gases generate noise when they circulate through the outlet pipe; To reduce noise is made use of exhaust silencers, curves and stretches.

Reduce Gaseous Pollutants: In order to reduce exhaust gases to the atmosphere, the exhaust system has a catalytic converter that reduces or mitigates the gases that will be removed to the air.

A Good Quality Exhaust System Reduces Environmental Impact

Each of the components of a vehicle serves a particular purpose. Some have a direct relationship with the comfort of the car, others with their performance, others with aesthetics, etc. The exhaust system pipe is one of the elements that relates directly to the work of the propellant, as it allows the release of the hot gases from the interior into the environment.

This piece is a complex conduit in which a process is fulfilled not only to expel these substances but also to reduce pollutants through catalysts. After this, the gases pass through a muffler to minimize noise. Its function is of great importance for the correct operation of the motor. However, weather conditions or use may be preponderant factors in your state. Over time, the exhaust may oxidize or have a hole through a blow. That is why vehicle owners should be aware of the condition of this component and take it to a specialist if they notice a defect.

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Usually, when the exhaust is not operating properly, there is a sudden loss of power.

  • It is also common to feel a strong smell inside the vehicle or to notice that the smoke that is produced is gray or darker than normal.
  • Another symptom is the generation of an intense sound in the engine or the noise generated by the tapping of some part in a part of the exhaust system.

In the event of any of these signs, it is important to go to a trusted workshop to carry out a complete analysis of the condition of this element, as the vehicle will be affected in its performance. Though there is no estimated time or distance for a check, but it is recommended that the operation of this system must be verified after every 50 000 kilometers.

Mostly, this device can be repaired, depending on the damage that is present or may need to be replaced with a new one.

Champion Motorsport Ferrari 488 Exhaust System

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